Kenza Mezouar

Kenza Mezouar is a french graphic designer based in Paris, specialized in typography and type design. Currently working as freelance for various corporate clients covering a wide range of projects. She graduated from ECV Paris (School of Visual Communication) in 2017, with a Master’s Degree, she worked at H5 Studio and at Violaine & Jérémy Studio.
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Choreography Scores
— Editorial project

Set by codes and notation, Choreography has evolved according to styles and times. It is also a tool for the choreographer, a way to memorize movements order and space. I introduced my project by collecting drawing, pictures, sketches and realizing a booklet. It contains signs documents, historic scores, written by famous choreographers. With those researches, I developed a choreographic writing to create a game to dance. The aim of this ludic proposal is to perform out of the stage.

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